Ecology Crossroads

Non-Profit Charitable Organization founded in 1994

Promoting Sustainable Development

The Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization founded and established in the United States in 1994 by Ambassador Col. David Wright of Kentucky to foster the ideals of protecting the environment under the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda of 1992, called Declaration of Rio (also known as Earth Summit or Agenda 21).


Between the years 1994 and 2000 the organization distributed 10 million trees in the United States free of charge to people to promote urban forestry and to reduce global warming in a number of programs oriented towards the environment and urban reforestation.

In 2001 Ecology Crossroads was closed after ceasing business with the distribution of free trees in a legal settlement with the National Arbor Day Foundation; then in 2014 the organization was reinstated by the founder's son, Nicholas Wright, along with other members for the 20th Anniversary of the founding of the organization.

Now in its 25th anniversary in 2019 and Ecology Crossroads is restating the articles of organization, getting a makeover and is naming new officers for 2019-2024 through an affiliated organization through the founder that was created in 2009 in the international community based in the social media which is based on many of Ecology Crossroads' ideals.

Globcal International

Our affiliate Globcal International is a decentralized autonomous organization and international civil society organization made-up of individuals practicing as professional goodwill ambassadors and civil rights advocates who have formed a non-state, international non-governmental foundation pending official recognition in the offshore jurisdiction of Belize in 2019/2020. The organization has developed interesting diplomatic relationships around the world based on global citizenship and goodwill ambassadorships.

25th Anniversary in 2019

In 2019 the organization is defining a new mission and charting a new course with Col. David Wright returning to the helm to continue defending the rights of mother earth and the people that depend on living in a sustainable world.

Col. Wright has invited some of the original protagonists, employees and officers involved from 1994-1996 to be included in the "restating" of the articles of organization as its new incorporating officers.

Projects and Programs

Ecology Crossroads sponsors a number a projects, please use the donation button or QR-Code to the right and select the program you are donating towards, we administer the funds for the following initiatives.

  • Piaroa Protectorate
  • De'Aruhua Trust Fund
  • Indigenous Unity Fund
  • Globcal International
  • Indian Fort Theater
  • Belize International
  • UN Global Compact & SDGs

Your donation will be directed as specified and a representative will follow up with you to recognize your contribution.